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The Department holds a seminar periodically to review courses after the establishment of a new curriculum for the 2007 academic year. Experts from the industry, government and academic field and alumni are invited to review the Department’s school-based curriculum and the development of its characteristics and objectives in the hopes that the planning of the Department’s curriculum can fit the needs of national industry.


After holding the meeting on school-based curriculum and the meeting on departmental courses to conduct the analysis on relevant industrial environment and employment market, the Department aims to cultivate students to become professionals in the following four specific fields in the industry:

(1)System designer and analyst

(2)Computer programmer

(3)Enterprise application information system specialist

(4)Information and sales assistant

To enhance students’ practical ability effectively and help students become the professionals that the Department expects after they are graduated, the Department not only holds professional and academic activities, such as project competitions, seminars on practical specialties, speeches given by experts from the industry and professional forums, but also encourages students to develop their own professional abilities and obtain MS, CISCO, JAVA, ERP, CRM and relevant certificates and licenses. Besides, the Department also has students visit enterprises and encourages them to participate in off-campus partnership programs to increase their practical experience and then become excellent technical staff or management officers in the future.

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