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The Goal

The Goal


For the fulfillment of the educational objectives of NCUT and College of Management, the Department cultivates students to become professionals in information management who have professional knowledge, humanistic quality, social concern and international perspective. With respect to professional knowledge, the Department positively cultivates students to be equipped with “information technology skills”, “business management knowledge” and “information application skills” in order for them to have the professional knowledge required by e-Enterprise to cooperate with the economic development of the country, and enhance the competitiveness of students in their workplaces.


The educational objectives of the Department for its undergraduates are as follows:

(1)System application skills

(2)Information technology skills

(3)Employment ethnics

(4)General education and humanistic quality

(5)Language proficiency


The educational objectives of the Department for its master’s program students are as follows:

(1)Innovation and R&D ability

(2)Information management research ability

(3)Information system application and management ability



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