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The Department is located on the first, fourth and fifth floors of Management Building. The main teaching area for undergraduates, the administrative area, and the discussion and research area for students working on their projects and graduate students are located on the fifth floor. Part of the teaching area and the research area for full-time teachers are located on the first and fourth floors. The Department has expanded its teaching space and equipment continuously for years for the needs of practical teaching and to make the teaching space develop greater effects.

Teaching, research and administrative space facilities are specified as follows:

  1. Three offices (including the chairperson’s / dean’s office, the office for the department / graduate institute, the office for the student association)

  2. 18 research offices for teachers: Each full-time teacher has one research office, equipped with the computer and network connection.

  3. Two classrooms for management lectures: Each can accommodate about 60 students.

  4. One large classroom for management lectures: Each can accommodate about 80 students.

  5. One multi-function classroom for management lectures: It has 60 seats and may be used for project teaching or seminars.

  6. Two small multi-function classrooms for management lectures: Each has 20 seats.

  7. Three computer rooms: Each has 58 personal computers for students to use in class and practical training.

  8. Four professional seminar rooms: They are provided for teachers and students to use when they are preparing for their projects.

  9. One seminar room for graduate students: It may be used as the place where a teacher teaches and a project is discussed.

  10. One room for seminars and for teachers to rest: It is provided for teachers to rest after class and for students to make a discussion.

  11. Two project discussion rooms on the first floor: They are mainly provided for students in the in-service master’s program and the industrial master’s program.

  12. One computer facility: It is the place where the Department’s servers, teaching system platforms, host computer and records storage are.


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