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The key features developed by the Department include:

  1. E-Enterprise application (Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM))

  2. E-Enterprise technology


In the information application system, as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the management foundation of e-Enterprise application, the industrial management-related applications, such as Business Intelligence (BI), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Product Life-Cycle Management (PLM) and Internet of Things application, etc., shall be combined with the ERP system. The ERP system of the Department is the international application system developed by Data System Consulting’s WorkFlow system and Datawin’s i-TEC ERP introduced and applicable to small and medium enterprises’ SAP B1 and medium and large enterprises’ SAP R3.


To strengthen and promote the cooperation with departments in College of Management, the Department has provided its ERP application and relevant teaching facilities for these departments to use in hopes of developing application levels and enhancing teaching quality and effectiveness.


With respect to information technology, the Department cultivates students to be equipped with basic knowledge of electronic technology and e-Enterprise and have abilities for e-Enterprise technology planning, design and performance. The professional knowledge that students shall have includes programming, database, information network, database management system, business programming, object-oriented programming, system analysis and design, networking service and management, WEB application programming, multimedia design, enterprise groupware, enterprise application system development, and Internet of Things application, etc.


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