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1.Teaching features

“Sustainable design” and “landscape practice” are the features of the Department’s teaching. For sustainable design, we teach students to respect nature and conduct landscape design with such concepts as low impact development, energy conservation and carbon reduction, soil water retention and biodiversity. For landscape practice, we, holding the spirit of “learning by doing and doing by learning” for technical and vocational education, provide well-planned internship courses to enhance students’ practical ability and employment competitiveness.


2.Research features

The Department’s research direction is “evidence-based design”. Current research development focuses on “landscape benefits”. Landscape benefits are divided into two areas: ‘physical and mental benefits” and “substantial environment benefits”.

(1) Physical and mental benefits: Research includes sensory satisfaction, comforting the body and mind, mitigation of stress, behavior improvement, health improvement, recreation experience, and aesthetic enhancement, etc.

(2) Substantial environment benefits: Research includes microclimate adjustment, pollution prevention, reduction of energy consumption, and facilitation of ecological stability (wildlife habitat, diversity and abundance), etc.

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