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1.Each general student at the Institute shall satisfy the minimum graduation conditions as follows:

(1). The number of credits acquired for graduation should not be less than 15 (not including 6 credits for doctoral dissertation, 8 class hours for seminar, and 3 credits for core electives).

(2).Seminar shall be taken for 2 years.


2.Students in the program of intelligent machinery and smart manufacturing must satisfy the minimum graduation conditions as follows:

(1). Each student shall acquire 36 credits, including 6 credits for project studies (for four semesters in the first and second years, with 1 credit per semester) and summer internship (for two summer vacations, with 1 credit per period), 12 credits for technical articles (for four semesters in the third and fourth years, with 3 credits per semester) and 18 credits for professional elective courses.

(2). Each student shall complete at least 2 periods of summer industrial internship (for the first and second years).

(3). Each student shall complete R&D internship provided for the whole academic year (from the third year) for at least two years.


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