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The Department cultivates quality talents for information and communication engineering based on its educational objectives. It will make efforts to (1) develop smart living technology, (2) cultivate engineers emphasizing both theory and practice, (3) encourage students to acquire licenses and certificates of various skills, (4) promote cross-disciplinary programs, (5) develop holistic education, and (6) implement the department-based curriculum to acquire certification for engineering and technology education.

The Department assists students in career planning from every aspect, holds special speeches, arranges for off-campus visits and conducts forums for alumni and activities for the alumni association to have students understand information about the labor market. It also organizes the “Campus Recruitment Intern Fair” to invite companies to provide employment opportunities and helps employment matching. Students are encouraged to participate in off-campus internships. The “Off-campus Internship Matching” event is also held to select quality companies that provide the safe work environment for interns.

The graduation requirements established by the Department, such as acquiring core licenses and certificates, passing the Collegiate Programming Examination, completing core elective courses required by the Department, and having projects approved in the review, enhance the professional ability and employability of the graduates from the Department.

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