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The Department cultivates students to become the management talents equipped with basic industrial management abilities (including ability for marketing and e-commerce, finance and financial management, and business and resource planning). For the future career direction, please refer to the following:

1. 行銷與電子商務專業能力

Ability for Marketing and E-commerce:


Sales / sales representative / assistant, telephone marketing personnel, direct selling / multilevel marketing personnel, sales assistant, international trade personnel / assistant, franchising recruitmentpersonnel, after-sales service personnel, marketing planner, activity planner, website marketing planning, advertisement proposal / planning personnel, communication media planner, public relations planner, meeting and activity planner, wedding planner, store/ sales clerk/ counter personnel

2. 財務與金融管理專業能力

Ability for Finance and Financial Management:


Financial commissioner, trust business personnel, bill finance back line personnel, stockaffairspecialist, securities financial trader, financial product salesperson/underwriting personnel, credit and loan personnel, account collection personnel,bank teller, financing/bank lending/credit investigation personnel, insurance agent, insurance approver / insurance personnel

3. 經營與資源規劃專業能力

Ability for Business and Resource Planning:


Channel development personnel, store personnel / store clerk/counter personnel, store manager / shopping mall personnel, chain store manager, transportation logistics personnel, warehouse logistics personnel, ERP planner, ERP consultant, material manager, warehouse management personnel, inventory personnel, quality assurance personnel

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