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本校秉持「勤毅誠樸」之校訓,因應國家發展動向與社會環境變遷,擬定發展「國際優質產業科技大學」為願景與定位,以學生學習為本,制定「專業知能、人文素養、社會關懷與國際視野」四大教育目標,提升學生「表達溝通能力、創意創新能力、關懷服務能力、思考推理能力、專業實務能力、宏觀視野能力」等六大核心能力之基本素養。本校配合區域產業技術需求,致力於「工具機產業技術」與「綠能科技技術」二大特色之發展,以本校既有技術導向之工程與電資學院為基礎,配合管理與文創學院之創新設計實力,落實以「工具機與綠能科技產業為體,工程電資為用,管理人文為本」之跨領域整合,透過系所本位課程之規劃與執行,並充實教師務與研究能力,經由 PDCA 之檢核機制,培育業界所需德術兼備優質人才,進而使本校成為「產業最佳夥伴」。

With the school motto “Diligence, Perseverance, Integrity and Simplicity” and based on the development of the country and the changes in the social environment, the NCUT has established the educational objectives –professional knowledge, humanistic value, social care and international perspectives, in hopes of enhancing the students’ six core abilities for “communication, creative innovation, care service, thinking and reasoning, professional practice and macro perspectives”, and developing an “International University of Quality Industrial Technology”. To meet the technical requirements for the regional industry, the NCUT is committed to the development of the two major characteristics – “industrial technology for machines and tools,” and “green energy technology”. Based on the technology-oriented College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and in line with innovative design abilities of College of Management and College of Humanities and Creativity, the NCUT intends to effectuate the cross-disciplinary integration by“applying engineering and computer science to the machine tooland green energy technologyindustry based on humanities”. Through the planning and execution of primary courses of each department and the enhancement of teaching and research abilities, the NCUT cultivates students to become talents with essential abilities and morality required in the industry and further makes the NCUT become the “best partner of the industry”.


Educational Objectives of the Department:

1.     產業基礎管理或產業進階管理能力

Basic or advancedindustrial management ability

2.     創意創新專題企劃或實務研究能力

Ability for creative and innovative planning of projects or practical research

3.     倫理素養或人文關懷能力

Ethicalliteracy or ability for humanistic care

4.     國際溝通或國際視野能力

Ability for international communication or international perspectives


Strategic Positioning: To cultivate students to become professional management talents with international mobility and humanistic quality

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