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Entities in the distribution industry are developed to become large, chain and international. This trend has become the mainstream of their business development. The school system that helps cultivate high- and middle-ranking management talents is a necessity for this current trend in the society. The Department’s vision is to become a “quality department that cultivates talents for distribution management,” so as to facilitate development of the distribution industry and enhance the overall competitiveness of the country.

The core abilities possessed by undergraduates of the Department and their corresponding employment roles are as follows:

(1)  E-commerce construction ability: Online marketing personnel and e-Enterprise assistant Planner, etc.

(2)  Store operation and management ability: distribution and store personnel, marketing and planning personnel, market research analyst, project planner, and assistant manager of customer relationship management, etc.

(3)  Basic business ability: assistant manager of supply chain, warehouse personnel, and financial service personnel, etc.

The core abilities possessed by students in the master’s program provided by the Department and their corresponding employment roles are as follows:

(1)  E-commerce management ability: Information support and service, e-commerce, and online marketing personnel, etc.

(2)  Customer relationship management ability: Marketing planning, market analysis and research, and store personnel, etc.

(3)  Supply chain management ability: Warehousing and logistics personnel, etc.

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