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● Focus on Distribution

The Department cultivates students to become the talents who have distribution management knowledge and practical skills, including logistics, commercial flow, payment flow and information flow, and are able to work as management officers in the distribution industry.

● Emphasis on Theory and Practice

The curriculum is designed to focus on theory and practice as well. Through off-campus internship, students are able to obtain professional knowledge and practical experience for store operation.

● Doing by Learning, Learning by Doing

Off-campus internship courses are effectuated in the enterprises in the distribution or service industry. Students are instructed and evaluated by school teachers and enterprise directors and are able to combine the theories they have learned with practical work.

● Triple Effect

 The characteristics of technical and vocational education are shown by successful combination of study, grant of certificates and licenses, and completion of internship before employment.

● Industry-Academy Teacher Cooperation and Teaching

The Department establishes educational partnership with well-known domestic enterprises, promotes personnel training and development in the distribution industry, enhances the quality and competitiveness of the employees working in the enterprises, and strengthens technical and vocational education by promoting industry-academy teacher cooperation and exchange.


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