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Center of Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Health


About Us

The main missions of the Center are divided into five parts: Occupational health and safety, energy saving and carbon dioxide reduction, environmental protection, fire safety management, and access control.

  • Occupational health and safety: The Center handles related matters in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Act. It stipulates, plans, supervises, and promotes matters regarding health and safety management and provides guidance for implementation at related department. For example, the Center stipulates occupational health and safety management projects, experimental space safety and health inspections, dangerous machine and equipment management, health grading management, maternal health protection measures, ergonomic hazard prevention projects, execution of illegal violation at work prevention programs, prevention of diseases triggered by abnormal workloads, reports regarding occupational disaster reviews, on-site health services by a professional doctor and contractor safety management, etc.

  • Environmental Protection: The Center handles related matters based on the Environmental Protection Act, such as water pollution prevention measures and projects, toxicity and relevant chemical management, indoor air quality maintenance and management, water fountain maintenance and management, recycling, toxic chemical clean-up, green procurement control and electromagnetic wave measuring, etc.

  • Energy Saving and Carbon Dioxide Reduction: The Center promotes ISO5001 (energy management), checks fuels, maintains the electric monitor system of the University, improves energy saving, convenes the energy management committee and has established an energy administrator.

  • Fire safety management: The Center manages the University’s fire equipment, investigates fire accidents, holds annual fire drill trainings, organizes protection groups, improves fire equipment deficiencies, maintains generators, and has established fire administrators.

  • The Center controls gate access, reports emergencies and manages monitors.

  • Others: The Center regularly inspects public safety of buildings, protects and manages radiation safety, and handles public accident accountability insurance claims, etc.

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