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Q1:What is a Sports Card? How can I apply for a Sports Card? How much does it cost? What facilities can I access with it?


1.Outside of PE classes, a Sports Card is required to access all indoor facilities for exercise purposes.

2.NCUT students and faculty can only apply for a Sports Card with their student ID or faculty ID. Alumni,  faculty family members and retirees should apply for a Sports Card with an Easycard following the PE Office's regulations. Other e-tickets are not accepted (e.g., iPASS, iCASH, etc.).

3.To apply for a Sports Card, you will need:

(1)Online application for sports card 
(2)NCUT student ID or faculty ID. Alumni must have an Easycard.
(3)Please bring your own change. 

4.Sports Card Fee:
(1) Half-Year Sports Card: Male: NT$600; Female: NT$450. Unlimited Frequency of Use. It is valid from the application date for six months.
(2) One-Year Sports Card: Male and Female: NT$240. It can be used 10 times. It is valid from the application date for a year.

5.The six-month card grants the holder unlimited access to indoor sports facilities within the period of validity. The one-year card grants the holder access to indoor sports facilities on 10 separate occasions within the year of validity.

6.A Sports Card allows you to use the following facilities: swimming pools, badminton court, weight training room (weight lifting equipment, treadmills, cross trainers, and spinning bikes), billiards room, table tennis room, and golf practice field.

7.Sports fields/facilities may only be used by Sports Card holders when no PE classes are occupying the venue. For large events, school team training and adverse weather conditions, PE classes have first priority to use the field/facilities that were open to holders of a Sports Card.

8.Access hours for holders of a Sports Card differ each semester. For detailed information, check out the  Sport Card.

9.When the application is completed, please log into the Sports Card management system to inquire about the expiration date or remaining times. Website:Sport Card. If you need the system to remind you of the remaining times or of an upcoming expiration date, please provide your e-mail when applying. The system will automatically send you a reminder.Person-in-charge: Teaching/Ms. Wang/ext. 5602

Q2:How many equipment can I borrow with my student ID card and/or Sports Card?


1.For use in PE class, the student may rent facilities  with a student ID card.

2.A Sports Card is required to access and borrow indoor field/facilities and equipment. Outdoor field equipment can be borrowed with a student ID card.

3.Two rackets and three tennis balls may be borrowed for tennis per student ID card.

4.One large sport ball such as a basketball or volleyball may be borrowed per student ID card.

5.One racket and two shuttlecocks may be borrowed for badminton per Sports Card.

6.One cue and one set of balls may be borrowed for billiards per Sports Card.

7.One racket and two balls may be borrowed for table tennis per Sports Card.

8.12 numbered vests for one department may be borrowed at a time. Vests will be counted before and after borrowing.

9.For lost equipment, the market prices to be paid are as follows: NT$ 750/badminton racket, NT$ 1500/tennis racket, NT$ 350/table tennis racket. Confirm the prices of other equipment with the PE Office.Person-in-charge: Teaching/Ms. Wang/ext. 5602

Q3:How can I book sports venues for events and activities, including basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, athletic fields, Jianxin Plaza and indoor fields?


1.The Basketball Team and Volleyball Team of departments can borrow courts for practice by logging into the NCUT Sports Venue Application System (https://pebooking.ncut.edu.tw) with a SSO e-Portal account and wait for lottery result.

2.Department associations and clubs that wish to use a venue must submit an application online and attach the activity proposal or approved documents for further review.

3.For inquiries regarding venue rental, contact Ms. Tseng ext. 5621 at the PE Office (gigiping@ncut.edu.tw), or join LINE ID: @vrd4668d to proceed with the inquiry.



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