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The Office of Continuing Education provides on-the-job continuing education, including master's degree programs, four-year programs, two-year bachelor degree programs and two-year junior programs. These programs recruit working youth graduates from senior high schools, vocational high schools, two-year junior colleges, and universities to cultivate various technical, business and service talents.

1. Registration Division is responsible for student registration, student status, grades and the issuance of various student status and certification documents.

2. Curriculum Division is responsible for course additions and deletions, inter-school course registration, teaching quality assurance and teaching opinion surveys.

3. Student Affairs Division is responsible for

(1) Student assistance, including student counseling, military service related matters, traffic safety education, rewards and punishments, and tuition and fees remission.

(2) Extracurricular activities, including the management of student clubs, application for scholarships, grants and emergency assistance, and student loans.

(3) Student issues, including cases of sudden injuries and illnesses of teachers and students, student health screening affairs and insurance, and disseminating information about hygiene.

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