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I forgot my course selection system password.

Please click 'Get Password' on login page (https://nmsd.ncut.edu.tw/wbcmss/Auth/Login). Entering your student number and provide the correct answer to the security question. The password will be automatically sent to your email. Alternatively, you may visit the Registration Division (Guoxiu Building), department offices, or Campus Information Division (library building) with either your student ID or another form of identification to inquire about your password. For privacy reasons, we do not accept password inquiries via telephone. If you have further questions, please contact the Campus Information Division at 04-23924505#2403.


I have forgotten my password to access my e-mails.

Please bring your student ID with you to the Networking and System Service Division. Please call Networking and System Service Division: 04-23924505#2235.


E-Mail Account

An e-mail address with automatically will be assigned to you after you enroll. The default capacity is 100M. After a student graduates from the University, the account will be deleted according to the regulations of academic networks in Taiwan. Default Account: s+ student number (lower case English alphabet. For example: s3A712017) Default Password: The student’s ID number (Capitalized English alphabets) The E-mail address: s + lower case student number @student.ncut.edu.tw For example: s3A712017@student.ncut.edu.tw Please call the Networking and System Service Division: 04-23924505 #2235.


What is the software authorized by the University?

The University has authorized the following software under contract for research, offices (excluding student dormitories), faculty, staff, and teaching units:

  • The latest edition of CA University Authorized (Windows Upg, Office Pro Plus, Core CAL, Visual Studio Pro, Publisher, SQL CAL, Forefront Endpoint Protection)
  • Going Input Professional Edition
  • Boshiamy Standard Edition
  • PC-cillin Anti-Virus Software
  • NI Lab VIEW Campus Edition

Note: Authorized software is subject to change at any time.

If you have any inquiries, please contact the Campus Information Division: 04-23924505 #2242


The University’s Wi-Fi SSID


Please call the Networking and System Service Division: 04-23924505#2235.


sslvpn ip address



Please call the Networking and System Service Division: 04-23924505 #2235.


Suggestions for the Computer Center

If students, teachers, or staff have questions regarding information systems, please contact the Suggestions for Computer Center center@ncut.edu.tw. The Computer Center will help you solve problems. Please call: 04-23924505 #2231.

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