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About Us

The office of Student Recruitment and Admission at NCUT is tasked to manage recruitment examinations and applications by organizing admission strategies, formulating regulations, guidelines, and plans as well as promoting administrative planning for each academic department. We are in charge of in-service education programs. We offer undergraduate programs such as four-year technical program, two-year junior college and two-year technical program to high-school graduates, vocational high-school graduates and two-year junior college graduates. Master's degrees and doctoral degrees are offered to college graduates and in-service youth. All academic programs at NCUT aim to cultivate various technical, management and service talents. Concurrently, in accordance with the education policy and in response to the needs of the industry and career development, we provide further education channels for recurrent education by offering a variety of special programs such as Industry-Academia Collaboration Programs and Industrial Development Graduate Programs. These are conducted by workforce development agency, Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Education.

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