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The Engineering College has the honorable historical traditions, including

1.The Department of Mechanical Engineering.

2.The Department of Chemical and Material Engineering.

3.The Department of Refrigeration , Air-Conditioning and Energy Engineering.

4.The Ph.D Program, Graduate Insitute of Precision Manufacturing.

5.The Ph.D Program in Intelligent Machinery and Smart Manufacturing.

6.The Department of Intelligent Automation Engineering.

More than 3,000 engineering students are taking courses taught by 94 faculty members, and we are proud of having more than 30,000 alumni around Taiwan. Except the Intelligent Automation Engineering, the other Engineering Departments have developed the fostering master programs. In addition, we also have the Institute of Precision Machinery and Manufacturing Technology and the Training Center for Techniques of Machined Tools and Precision Molds. The accomplishments we obtained are cooperating with our industry partners, doing researching and founding laboratories. The goal we try to arrive is to continually broaden employments for students.

The Six academic departments in the College of Engineering feature in their fields by excellent education systems and research environment. All the professional programs and laboratories are designed to support teaching and research development.

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