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2020 Intelligent Innovative Local Practice Lychee Sharing the Achievements of Peace and Prosperity Exhibition.


On November 27th, the NCUT School of Management organized an event "2020 Intelligent Innovative Local Practice Lychee Sharing the Achievements of Peace and Prosperity Exhibition." A total of 21 agricultural product units, social welfare organizations, and small farmers were organized. The market showcases the results, and the school looks forward to guiding students transform what they have learned into creativity and convey warmth through the spirit of technical and vocational education.

The School of Management stated that the exhibition is divided into four categories: agricultural processed product, cultural and creative products, social welfare institution counseling, and industrial upgrading. Among them, the co-op team of "Minimally Invasive Manual Dry Lychee Baking Method" promotes the development of Taiping lychee. The lychees are only harvested once a year, with the production period about 3 months, and the fruit is easy to fall, and the shell is easy to brown. Through the minimally invasive research and development method, only simple equipment and freezing methods are used to preserve the lychee pulp. , The production results are preserved and flavored. Smaller farms and regular people can also complete the production of dried fruits by themselves, increasing added value and economic income.

 In addition, the team led by Professor Mei Zhen Deng from the Department of Business Management pioneered the creation of "Rainbow Tapioca". Students used their creativity to combine natural fruit and tapioca to make drinks and sell them on site. The group cooperated with a well-known social welfare organization "Green Hope Spring" has launched it as a cultural and creative product. Due to our large campus, many camphor trees have fallen branches, and students used their creativity to make unique branch pens, key rings and other products. All donations were made to the Chin-Yi Tree Planting Fund to protect Taiwan Florin and Cinnamomum camphora trees to promote the concept of environmental protection.

Also, the Japanese School and the Taiwan Digital Media Design Society co-organized the 18th Management Symposium to discuss technology, innovation research and development, intelligent technology and management. Professor Jing Chiang Fan from the Department of Information Management of National Central University and Professor Zhen Dong Chen from the Department of Information Management of National United University were invited to give lectures regarding to global economic development, product innovation and technology and corporate sustainability management. This single event had 212 papers submitted to the seminar demonstrating the eagerness of Taiwanese students when it comes to research and development.

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