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The 24th TDK Cup National College Creative Design and System


The 24th "TDK Cup National College Creative Design and System" is the largest robot design competition in the country. It will be held in our school for 4 consecutive days starting from November 4, and the finals and awards ceremony will be held on November 7. The total award of this competition is NT$1.26 million, attracting up to 76 elite teams from colleges and universities in the country. The entire competition was broadcasted online.

TDK competition results have been announced. The automatic group champion is won by Team Pokemon from MingHsin University of Science and Technology. Their captain Qiong Lun Chang said that the key to victory is to seek stability first and then speed. I am most grateful to our instructor Rong Mao Zhan for his company and guidance. The avian group champion Team Hajimemashide from our school. The participant claim that they are very lucky as this is their first time attending such competition. The control group first place is claimed by Team Plastic Reduction from National Ilan University. They invested 100,000 yuan into building the robot. In order to improve its performance, the remote control was switched to wireless in the last minute, which was regarded as one of their greatest challenge.

Principal Wen Yuan Chen said that the TDK Creative Design Competition is an integrated competition, integrating crafting, creativity and teamwork. Students will definitely benefit a lot from this experience. In his speech, Director Ministry of Education Yu Hui Yang of the Ministry of Education expressed his gratitude for the sponsorship from the TDK Foundation and the continued the competition despite of the epidemic so that the experts from all over Taiwan could gather for a greater cause. Chairman Yu Qing of the TDK Cup, said that this is where some students start with when achieving their dreams and he looks forward to the competition next year in Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. 

The competition has been held at our school for 2 consecutive years. In response to science education and robotics trends, this year’s theme is "Goldsmiths: The Earth Defense". We hope that students can care more about the environment at any time and contribute to make the world a better place. Among them, Wei Hao Chen, a student from the Electronics major, was severely disabled due to congenital multiple arthrosclerosis. Despite his conditions, he formed a team with a total of 5 students to take part in the automatic group. Wei Hao Chen said that due to this illness, even simple tasks like locking a screw cannot be performed, so since April this year, three other teammates shared the responsibility of assembly, design architecture, while Wei Hao Chen and another classmate were responsible for software design. Wei Hao Chen added features to help robot overcome obstacles. He say that design is just like him. It may not be complete, but he wants to prove that as long as you take the first step, even if it is unsteady, it is still possible to achieve success. 

This year's TDK Cup is divided into automatic group, remote control group and avian group. The theme of "automatic group" is "Teamwork". Robots must have visual recognition, positioning and navigation, path planning and motion coordination functions; the theme of "Remote control group" is "Race Against Time" , The robot must cross numerous levels and obstacles, and successfully retrieve the objects and correctly classify them; the theme of the "avian group" is "Fighting Sky Man", which tests the flight route of the robot through the designated tunnel, drop objects in designated area and automatically land . The Ministry of Education stated that the key to winning the competition is definitely teamwork. The assembly and design of the competition process are all for the future. Champions in each group will receive NT$200,000 and experience the beauty of Taiwan’s culture in Kinmen. I look forward to rewarding students for continuing to develop in the field of robotics.

Due to the pandemic, speciation is not allowed at the competition site.
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