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Opening ceremony of the robot engineer examination field

First ever in Central Taiwan! National Chin-Yi University of Science and Technology joins hands with HIWIN 
Opening ceremony of the robot engineer examination field

  Date: October 13, 109 (Tue) 10:05-11:10
  Venue: National Chin-Yi University Engineering Hall B1 (No.57, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Taiping Dist., Taichung 41170, Taiwan)

The opening ceremony of “Smart Robot and Robotics Software Engineer Training Grounds” will be held at National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT) on October 13th. As the applications of global intelligent machinery upgrades, an increasing demand in engineering personnel of this field becomes inevitable. In response to this situation, Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA) and HIWIN have collaborated to create central Taiwan’s first training grounds for robotics engineers located at NCUT. 

With the assistance of TAIROA, the establishment of central Taiwan’s first certified iPAS Robotic Engineer training grounds is complete. Both the construction cost of the training and level 1&2 robotic engineer license testing ground was around 5 million NTD. The venue include six 6-axis articulate robotic arms, operating system of its kind, experts of its field, and resources in the development of its courses all of which are provided by HIWIN. Courses such as, intelligent robot, multimedia network, and integrated circuits for AI were made available. 

Wen-yuan Chen president states that, this is the era of AI technology. The Ministry of Economic Affairs has been promoting the growth industry 4.0 and traditional industries. This led to a greater need for engineers and brought light to the importance of our education and training for new blood. Certifications and licenses especially in the fields of robotics became one of their most important tools to have. HIWIN has an excellent foresight in spotting this need and was eager to join forces with universities forging talented personnel. 

The six RA605-710-GB provided by HIWIN are fairly new models the industry and is currently in use. With its maximum radius landing at 710mm and accuracy at 0.02mm, it could be used for loading and unloading, assembly, automatic applications such as deburring and detection with the suitable program.


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